Japanese Friendship Garden


Three weeks ago as the little kids and I were leaving the Great Arizona Puppet Theater I noticed a sign for this Japanese Friendship Garden and thought, “That looks interesting!” I made a mental note to google it and find out if it was somewhere I’d like to take the kids to.
After a quick google search a couple weeks later, yep- sounds fun! And at only $5 for me and free for the kids there was no reason to not stop by! PhotobucketPhotobucket

When I paid to go in I also ended up buying two bags of food so the kids could feed the fish. The bags of food (which were $1 each) were actually just little paper bags filled with a half cup of cheerios! haha. Oh well, they gotta make their money somehow, right? ha Photobucket

Payson and Ember had the time of their lives feeding those fish. Some ducks swam over as well and we fed them, too. Photobucket

I’m not the best at remembering to film things but their reactions to the fish were so adorable I filmed at least five minutes straight. So cute!!

We were there for a loooong time. I was really, pleasantly surprised by how reserved the kids were about throwing out the cheerios. They would take one or two at a time and toss them in or a very small handful and toss them in, and then watch the fish go crazy, fighting over the food. They’d giggle and smile and tell me all about it and then grab some more.
I was expecting them to take huge handfuls and throw them out one right after another and for them to then be sad that it was gone and beg for more. I was dead wrong! And I probably would’ve bought more, too, because it was just that much fun watching them 🙂 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The only part that wasn’t the greatest, for the kids, is that you have to stay on the path. No walking, sitting, or running on the grass or sitting on the boulders or anything like that. I don’t mind that and I have no problem teaching my kids boundaries (and they obey so well, gosh they’re great kids!) but, it would have been awesome if we could’ve sat and had a snack in the grass. Of course, I’m like going through grass withdrawals and have been for the past four years of living in the desert. haha!

We had a great time walking around the little pond they had and looking at the trees and plants there. Photobucket

And maybe 45 minutes later, we were outta there in fantastic moods 🙂 Photobucket

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