I’m excited. I’m really excited. Hopeful. And nervous.

I haven’t been truly excited for quite a while, as we’ve dealt with stress and frustration trying to move. You guys know how we were trying to move to Utah for the last year and a half? The job market there is really over saturated so it was tough. Allan works in a specific field as a controller and moving into a new industry at the same level he currently is, was not happening!

And so anyway, man oh man were we struggling stuck here with little hope of things happening soon. I watched the weeks tick away, the months tick away, and all my hopes and dreams for what I want my life to look like… slip away. Or at least it felt like that in my soul… stranded out in the desert.
Oh desert, you may be interesting but I need green. I just do.

SO anyway, things have totally changed now. Allan found this city, I’m not going to say where because I want to keep our new location a secret from the online world, but it’s SO green. LAKES, mountains, pines, just total and utter heaven. And… there are jobs. And it’s close enough that I can visit my family (who live in northwestern Washington) almost as often as I’d like. Not daily, but weekly if I really wanted to, and monthly easily!!! Can you believe that?

So, he’s found three jobs there that could work but who knows if he’ll get them, what we do know is that there is a lot of interest in him from companies/employers there! This is all brand new. We just heard about this city two weeks ago and already things are rolling SO much better than the last full year of job searching in Utah. We really believe we might be moving before this summer! And I am like full of butterflies lately. I dream about this new places, I fantasize about it all the time. I never felt that way toward Utah (no offence Utah, you’re just not my taste) even though I knew I’d be happier in Utah than Arizona, I was always a teensy bit sad that I wouldn’t have that lovey feeling toward the place I lived.

And now I do. Moreso than I dreamed. And Allan does, too! And I guess I just had to blog about it a bit because it’s consuming my thoughts lately.

And in the meanwhile, things have been great/difficult/stressful/joyous around here as always. Life as a mom, raising four kids, has ups and downs but lately, the ups are beating out the downs something fierce. I love my kids’ current ages. Things really do get a million times easier as they get older!

I’ll blog more about specific things we’re up to when I get a chance… hopefully a naptime today will happen and tomorrow I can have a post up about our weekend activities. Until then, here’s one picture from a visit the little kids and I made to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix. Photobucket

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  • Wow….I have missed out on so much!! I haven't been reading blogs (or posting to my own) in forever. I finally decided to try and start blogging again and totally don't remember how! My blog is all jacked up. The sizes are all wrong and I can't figure out the new layouts…BUT I've still posted the last few days! 😉 Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I love reading about your family and your daily happenings! The kids are looking SO grown up!! It's crazy! I know that Ember was still in the BABY stage when I last checked your blog…she looks totally grown and toddler now!! I can't believe it has been that long since I've looked at your blog! I hope everything works out for your move!! Even though I haven't been checking your blog or keeping in touch, I still think about you and your family ALL THE TIME. You still inspire me to be a better mom. I admire you so much for all that you do with and for your family. Thanks for not giving up on your blog the way I did mine!! I missed out on a good year or two, only taking phone pictures and never doing a darn thing with them. I decided that must stop. I'm really going to try harder this year to get back into the habit of blogging. Who knows if I will really keep up, but reading through yours just now is even more motivation for me to do it!! I love your blog, always have…and always will! 🙂 Your children are going to LOVE having all these documented memories one day!! 🙂

  • I'm glad things are looking up! If this green place is anywhere near Boise, let me know. (Although I doubt it, I wouldn't call it totally green around here, we have plenty of green close but a different, more boring kind of desert, too.) Anyway. Good thoughts coming your way!

  • Wow, I haven't been on any blogs in ages, and now I read that you're moving? And here our little family is thinking up a way to get down to your part of AZ to do some hiking, etc… but it sounds like by the time we get there, you won't be there anymore. That being said, I'm so happy that you're happy and excited. I hope that it all works out amazingly well. I can say that as much as I love living in my own desert, I really, really miss living near water and green grass and trees…
    And thanks for reminding me that it gets better with kids as they get older. I'm only starting to see glimmers of that, and we're just getting started with our family. Babies can be tough.

  • If you are PNW bound, congrats!! This is such a beautiful region!!! Wishing you all much luck in your new potential journey! – Liberty (Our Creative Day) (google not working or letting me log in 🙁 )

  • I have been fantasizing too! It would be so awesome to see my grandkids grow up in “reality”, as opposed to in pictures (don't get me wrong, I am all about the pictures, too). But to get to hold them, do fun things with them, enjoy their personalities and get to remember what I came on this earth to do (be a wife, mom and grandmom, ~ not an employee for a corporation that sucks the very life blood out of you so that you can't care about anything, but it! I am so hopeful & prayerful he gets a job he likes. It keeps me “up”, as I battle with depression this time of the year something awful! I miss my own kids & grandkids something awful! I just started crying as I typed that last sentence…life is so hard right now.

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