I have about four minutes before I need to leave to take the girls to school. They’ve been taking the bus but we were running late this morning so, driving it is.

I feel like I’ve been awake forever. I’m so tired. The kids have been talking to me nonstop this morning. They do every morning. They do every minute.
Being a mom is a lot of work. I’m either spending every second of the day entertaining/watching/BEing with kids or if I bother to answer the phone and talk to my mother (for the first time in months) as she comforts me about our not-going-anywhere moving situation, I can be sure to walk into my childrens’ bedrooms and find something seriously wrong. Photobucket

It feels like 100% of the time I take a few minutes to do something I need to that doesn’t revolve around them, they are naughty. I do ALL sorts of things with the kids…. ALLLLL sorts of things, almost constantly, GOOD mom things and yet I turn my back for five seconds and they repay me by immediately going to do something destructive.

Since they’re SO destructive and messy (and trust me, I make them pick up their messes!!) I try to stay out of the house when I can. I don’t like being home. Home is really boring and just not a place I like. Photobucket

I’m so thankful that we can to go out again. Nowadays the housing market has been going up so… I don’t worry about losing money on selling our house quite as much. Photobucket

We shared a salad and gluten-free pizza at Barro’s. The gluten-free pizza tasted like I imagine a butt would. The salad was delicious. haha Photobucket

I checked out the winter clothes clearance sales one day. I always mean to buy during clearance sales for the next year but never do. And that particular day, I didn’t end up buying anything! The kids were pissed at me. Allan called me about an important phone call he had with a potential employer, he didn’t have time later in the day to talk to me and I was right in the middle of the store so I had to talk to him then. The kids, I don’t know why, get super annoyed when I’m on the phone even though I kept walking through the store like I would have been if I hadn’t been on the phone. Frustrating. I almost never talk on the phone while I’m out with them so I don’t think they have the right to be upset with me. haha! Photobucket

And suddenly happy again? Weirdos. Photobucket

I’ve made a HUGE effort to take more pictures once the older girls get home from school. I don’t know why it’s SO hard for me. Well, that was a total lie because I know exactly why it’s so hard for me!! Taking care of four kids is overwhelmingly difficult. Taking care of two kids is a lot of work, taking care of four kids is TOO much work! haha PhotobucketPhotobucket

I have a million bazillion things I could blog about Brooklyn but, unless she wants me to I try not to. It’s weird because raising her is a giant part of my life, takes up a lot of my thoughts and time and energy but… she’s pretty much gone from my blog now. And maybe will be forevermore? haha (She doesn’t mind me posting pictures of her, she just doesn’t like me talking about her much) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I really like this painting of Payson’s. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I tell the kids to not leave their stuff lying around. This two year old likes to take things apart as much as she liked putting them together. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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  • Ember cracks me up. Raising kids is so challenging isn't it? Everyday I feel like giving up. Then I remember that I can't give up because I'm mom and I have to keep going. Lol

  • I'm so glad you posted the pic of Payson and Ember in the room with food (?) on the floor and the room a mess. I swear my kids did things like that ALL the time when they were younger. But no one ever blogs about it so I thought I was alone raising some type of heathen children. Now they are 7 & 5 and while the 5 year old still delights in hiding food various places, my 7 year old has grown out of it so I have hope!

  • I was laughing the whole time reading and looking at this last set of pictures! I love Ember's face with all the stickers…crying one minute and happy the next (so typical) and it IS soo crazy juggling so much and needing “you: time. I swear it's why I worked at night (to keep my sanity), but now I regret it! Pizza that tastes like “butt” I started laughing so hard I blew coffee out my nose BECAUSE when I eat gluten free I often feel the same way! You are so entertaining Tiffany! I wish life would slow down more so I could read about YOUR day. Mine exhausts me too, for different reasons. I have elderly “kids” now and I so much want it to be just about the fun-activities stuff, but the paperwork is more of it and UGH! Won't even bore you with the stress load. Being a step-mother makes me feel like the “evil, wicked” one. No wonder we get a bad rap! All I want is some quality time with my husband, but his life is wrapped up in guilt mode over pleasing teenage kids who want to be left alone! I can't get my own needs met for trying & I am soooo tired of always coming in at last place! This was “supposed” to be the season of life to be more financially secure, free-er with my time, getting to relish my grandkids (and my own kids) more often…now we have two in sports, at the same time (when I, personally, think too many extra-curricular sports is crap because all we end up being is chauffers) and my time is already spent on work! We both need some “me” time to chit chat and the other day was so awesome to get to do just that! If you lived closer I could offer the relief you need as I could “mother” you and spend quality time with my grandkids and give you the break you want and need! Life is so unfair (bottom lip out pouting)!

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