Bike Riding + Book Writing

We got home from school and the kids rode their bikes. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Sierra always has helmet problems. Photobucket

Nothing we do to her helmet keeps the dang thing on. We’ve tried adding stuff to it, tightening it, moving it around and just… the thing does not fit. Ugh. Are other helmets shaped differently? We might have to buy a different one. (She was goofing around with her helmet in these pictures, it’s not always like that, ha) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I can’t remember when, but I bought some blank books from the Target dollar spot last year. I am really kicking myself for not buying more! The kids spent an hour writing and drawing and coming up with adorable books. Seriously, kiiiicking myself for not buying like twenty of those blank books! Photobucket

The kids’ book titles:
Brooklyn: A Cycle of a Cute Baby
Sierra’s: A Butterfly Grows
Payson’s: A Pirate
Ember’s is obviously just scribbles 😉 Photobucket

Classic two year old. Mouth covered in marker.

The kids are all really proud of their books. And again, why on earth didn’t I buy more?? Photobucket

One thought on “Bike Riding + Book Writing

  • Funny Ember with her mouth all covered in marker! I LOVE the books idea and they are so clever. I like that your kids are always “doing” instead of just staring at a screen of some sort!

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