Happiness in the Bathroom

The title sounds weird but it so describes my kids. They find happiness in the funniest places and in the funniest ways.
One thing Ember is majorly fond of is flossing. Ever since she was tiny she’s watched Allan and I and the other kids during teeth brushing/flossing time with great interest. I remember when she was so much littler and we first started brushing her teeth she would smile and laugh and loved it. Her affection for oral hygeine has stuck around. She just really loves brushing and flossing her teeth! Yay for me as mom, right? Photobucket

Each of these childrens’ flossers only costs a penny since I buy packages of 100 at the dollar store. I don’t mind as much when many times each day I find Ember in my bathroom flossing, since they’re so cheap. haha Photobucket

She would probably stay in there, flossing away, until every single flosser was gone, if I let her! Photobucket

Sometimes she carries a flosser around the house, flossing as she goes about her day. Photobucket

She inevitably ends up admiring her reflection in the closet door mirrors. And admiring leads to booty shaking. Photobucket

And posing and running…

and a giant self-love fest. Photobucket

She’s really happy with herself, with her life. Photobucket

She sets a good example for how I should act/feel/BE. PhotobucketPhotobucket

3 thoughts on “Happiness in the Bathroom

  • I LOVE this post. Henry isn't even a year old, and has all of five teeth to his name so far and also loves it when we brush his teeth. He'll then take the toothbrush out of our hands and will proceed to brush his teeth/chew on the bristles. It is so cute.
    And he, too, loves his reflection. Sometimes he'll catch his reflection somewhere, point, and just light up. It is the sweetest thing. And it, too, reminds me that I should smile when I see myself in a mirror more often.
    And I absolutely love her little dance & booty-shaking moves. Too cute!

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