Today was Wednesday and We Did…

Wednesday. Mid week. Kinda blah, right?
I took the little kids to the library and we also went out for lunch. Just because.

I bought baby gates this week and already they have changed my life. I function really well in a clean house. I just do and the baby gates keep my little two out of all the places they should never be in the first place! Like, my kitchen. I hate kids getting into my kitchen and wrecking it!! Well, no more 🙂 🙂

So today at lunch my kids were being adorable and sweet and everything lovely. They usually are when we go out. So Payson is talking to me while eating his pizza and for some reason I could really, really see him right then. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. He was just adorable and sweet and mine. I was so happy to be sitting there with him. I feel lucky to be his mom.

I’ve been feeling that way from time to time about one kid or the other over the past few months. I don’t know if it’s their ages, the fact that they’re all growing up so fast and seeming to change every single day, or something else completely, but falling in love with your own family members, over and over again, is an amazing joy. It buoys me during this stormy time of uncertainty in my life.

My kids are pretty darn well behaved these days. They do kid things, daily. For sure. But it’s so different. There are almost never ever major freakouts or big tantrums (minus the 2 year old, naturally) or really anything dramatic. Is this me being a better mom with age or my kids being more even keeled with age? haha, I don’t even know. It’s awesome though. I have loved the baby/toddler phase (despite it’s crazy intense workload) SO much and have felt really confused and freaked out by the older-kid phase fast approaching me. Seeing little bits of how that may be, what that will look like… I think it’s going to be a pretty awesome time. PhotobucketPhotobucket

In the next picture she was showing the camera a pepperoni. Photobucket

They spent quite some time giggling together over wiping each others faces off with napkins. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I stopped at Sally’s for some hair stuff. I didn’t buy anything though. Photobucket

He pulled out a rocking Spiderman move. Photobucket

Jumping with joy at the library. PhotobucketPhotobucket

“Oh mom, we’re stuck up here and there are no stairs.” He says. Ember breaks into a fast run towards the stairs to point them out and prove him wrong. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Two very tuckered out little kids. Photobucket

The little kids were sleeping when I pulled into our neighborhood. They really needed that nap so I pulled over and sat there staring outside for twenty minutes waiting for the girls’ bus to come. Photobucket

I got bored so I took some fifty bazillion pictures. Photobucket

We all got home and I put my camera away. I made the girls a snack (Payson got one, too. Ember was still asleep) and then we did homework and then sat down to watch Africa together. I have been kicking myself for not taking enough pictures of the older girls so I ran and got my camera and snapped this: PhotobucketIt’s hard to photograph the girls because by the time they’ve done their homework and had a snack it’s fairly dark and I just don’t think about taking pictures once it’s dark!

6 thoughts on “Today was Wednesday and We Did…

  • Your feelings about entering the older kid stage mirror my own. I've been so worried and even upset because I love the baby/toddler stage. We are done having kids so it hit me hard. All 3 are in school now and I've got To say that I'm realizing this next stage might be pretty awesome too. Watching them come into their own and seeing who they will grow up to be. I'm realizing each stage of my kids growing is a blessing. 🙂 love the pics of them sleeping. I used to take tons of sleeping pics when mine were little.

  • Oh and P.S. I really love your
    Blog because you are so honest about motherhood. You don't always sugar coat it and because of that I can relate so much to your posts and you. Thanks for being real. It's nice to know we aren't alone in this whole mothering thing. 🙂

  • I love my baby gates! I was getting tired of them after having them up for a year and a half, so suggested to dh that maybe we should take them down now that ds is two. That same day, he kept following me into the kitchen when I left the gate open as a trial, getting into the dog's water dish, throwing all of my pots out of the cabinet, and just driving me crazy. I told dh to forget I ever said anything about it, we'll probably need them for another year. I'd rather be sane.

    I often struggle with how old my kids are. Motherhood can bring up such contradictory emotions. On the one hand, my youngest has been so hard, and I can't wait until he's older and I can have some sleep and freedom again. But otoh, I've loved the years of many little ones underfoot and while I know that there will be exciting new adventures, I really treasure the years I had with my kids while they were little and am sad to see them go.

  • I miss this time more than you could ever know! I swear, it was the best in all it's crazy chaos. It is what I have found the most joy in as I recall my life and it's adventures! Pictures are so gorgeous. Have I said enough times how beautiful the kids are?!

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