Subway, Eat Fresh! and… Basha’s

Is it just me or can you not say or think “Subway” without adding Eat Fresh to the end? Photobucket

The guy making sandwiches looked at me funny when I said I wanted a 6 inch sandwich with no bread. Ordering for Payson always initiates the most interesting conversations in restaurants. Just once I’d like to order and just have them say, “okay.” haha. Really it’s not that bad, it’s just funny that I can’t even remember the last time I ordered and didn’t have it be a thing. I’d love to go back in time to when I just ordered and that’s it, no conversation about what I was ordering and why and raised eyebrows. haha Photobucket

Ember was being so adorable while I ordered. She kept walking up to the counter and pretending to eat all the veggies in the picture. She’d either put her face right up to it and make little gobbling sounds or she pretend to grab a veggie and put it in her mouth. Payson quickly started doing the same when he saw me and everyone else in the store reacting with smiles and giggles.

Her favorite to pretend to eat was the apple. Which yes, was actually a tomato 🙂 Photobucket

We ate outside because it was full inside but mostly because the weather here has been perfection. Photobucket

Payson never even bats an eye at the “weird” food placed in front of him. Why/how could he? His entire life he’s known nothing but his modified dishes. Having a wrapper filled with meat, cheese, and veggies with no bread doesn’t seem at all weird to him! Not that it should, that’s a pretty good meal! (At home I’d add potatoes or rice to his meal) Photobucket

We walked just around the corner to Basha’s. I can’t even remember what I bought there… I remember something snacky and then some oranges. haha Photobucket

Ember caught sight of this inflated football player and started cheering and saying, “Go BYU!!” which I thought was just the cutest and so I took a picture to show and tell Allan about. When I snapped she was saying, “football!”

The kids finished up their chips while I shopped. Photobucket

And on the way out we got toys from the quarter machines. Which we do every single time I have quarters because these two little kids are pretty dang good in every store we go to! Photobucket

As we left the store the little kids noticed an older man waiting outside with a little dog on a leash. This was the highlight of their day. Ember stayed at a distance (she both loves and fears dogs) yelling things to the dog. (BTW, do you love her stylish outfit? She insisted on dressing herself. haha) Photobucket

She wanted to stay there a lot longer squealing at the “puppy” and showing it her toys. The little dog was laying down and looked completely not interested in children, especially children yelling things at it, so I left pretty quickly. Ember was heartbroken over that. Photobucket

And that great big outing wore her right out. She was beyond cranky when we got home. Photobucket

One thought on “Subway, Eat Fresh! and… Basha’s

  • I adore the way ember dressed herself. The kids got style. 🙂 my kids love subway. I usually go the cheap way and order a footlong and divide it up between them.

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