Second Hand

We don’t have very many board games. I tend to stop in the game section at WalMart or Target every month or so and look around. But the price tags just aren’t fitting in our budget. So I had the brilliant idea to go to some thrift stores to look for games. While there my kids fell in love with every single toy in the entire building. Broken, not age appropriate, dirty, stupid, whatever, it did not matter at all to them, they wanted them all 😛 PhotobucketPhotobucket

In between two thrift stores in Mesa there is a pet supply store. Petco? I think that’s the name. We stopped in there to look at some little pets. I want to get the kids a pet one day, it’s just hard to commit to something like that. I have enough stress dealing with my kids’ messes, I don’t particularly care to add an animal to my list of tasks. But I think it’s really important for kids to be around animals growing up, so… one day soon… Photobucket

My kids had a lot of fun seeing all the options. They begged and begged for a hamster, a gerbil, a guinea pig, a mouse, a lizard, a frog, some fish… haha. Then we got to the giant tarantula and black scorpion section! Photobucket

The girls squealed and couldn’t believe people kept those as pets. Payson said, “I’d have a scorpion as a pet!” And you know, I believe the kid! ha Photobucket

We went to the second thrift store and Ember immediately set her eyes on this doll stroller. She pushed it around the entire store while we shopped.

So I had to buy it. haha. The kids picked out some toys, too. Our cart may have been overflowing (with ten board games and two huge packs of legos!) when we left. But all in all I only spent $40 so, I don’t feel guilty about it. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember wouldn’t let me help her, she wanted to push her stroller all the way to the car. And then she insisted on putting it into the trunk by herself as well. In the end she couldn’t though, and she did let me do it. Photobucket

We got home and I had the kids dump all their new toys in their sink to wash them. While they did that in the bathroom I wiped down all the games and books and legos with antibacterial wipes. Just because yes, I’m a bit of a germophobe. Photobucket

When I was done Ember ran over to play. And for the next hour she was entertained. All the way until it was bedtime. Photobucket

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