Lingering Yuckies


Not the hardest part, but a difficulty when Ember is sick is keeping Payson entertained. I had to come up with a lot of activities for him to not feel neglected while I basically held Ember all day long. Photobucket

Ember finally fell asleep on the couch. She woke up after an hour not able to breathe through her nose, coughing, and super cranky. But for that one hour things were so peaceful! Photobucket

I think the night I took the next few pictures was the second night she didn’t sleep. This picture was taken at 4am or shortly after. She had yet to sleep even for a solid ten minutes! I was out of my mind with exhaustion and about ready to cry. The night before she’d had a fever and I usually let my kids’ fevers run their course without medicine so I basically had to say no to Allan telling me to give her medicine over and over again. By this night her fever was gone and it being 4am and having not slept in TWO days I was going to give her tylenol for pain in hopes that she’d get some sleep to be able to have the strength to fight off her cold!

Well, Ember is my only child who doesn’t think of medicine as a treat, in fact she hates it. All medicine! So she twisted and turned and arched her back and did everything possible to get away from the medicine dropper. I finally got a half a dose in her mouth and… she threw up all over both of us. Photobucket

I gave her a bath and just washed myself down in the sink. She was so tired at this point she literally couldn’t keep her eyes open. As I was taking these pictures she was sitting there trying her hardest to keep them open but she was pure exhaustion. Photobucket

At the time I didn’t want to take pictures, I was so tired and just wanted to get her dressed and attempt to sleep (ha, yeah right) but I knew I’d maybe forget the moment and took these. And sure enough, I forgot about her throwing up the medicine and needing a bath until I went through my pictures…10 days later!! Photobucket

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