My computer is slow. It’s always slow. I get a new computer, it’s ok speed for a month or so and then, slow. I don’t even add anything to my computer. I don’t go to any weird sites, I just don’t get it. I’m so sick of slow computers. Why do I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on something that isn’t going to work? Or is going to need a boatload of maintenance? Not worth it.

Mostly it has to do with photoshop or movie editing software. My computer runs so slow when I use either. And I have a really upgraded computer. It’s stupid. I could google and work on things to speed it up (like I do every month!) but I’m just SOOOO sick of that. Nothing works permanently or even that well. I’m not willing to take my computer in somewhere and spend more money on getting help or advice.

It makes me want to never edit or resize another picture ever again. I’ll just print unedited, full size pictures at Costco and screw attempting to blog. I’m not willing to spend more than ten minutes on my blog every day. I don’t have the time 🙁

2 thoughts on “Bleh

  • I've had the same problem for a while too. When my husband wipes it they usually work better. Just make sure your photos are backed up so you don't risk losing them.

  • Do you keep all your photos on your computer? I store mine on a external drive and I find that whenever I do a dump and delete all the photos on my computer it seems to run a lot faster.

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