Sick Cocoon

We got sick. And everything sucked a lot for a week. Photobucket

I brought Ember’s mattress into the front room every night to sleep with her away from everyone else since we were both up coughing all night. I ended up leaving the mattress out there because the kids liked sitting on it during the day. Photobucket

Ember didn’t sleep more than an hour for two nights in a row. That made me an emotional wreck. I was so tired and so angry at everything because I was so tired. I just now am trying to get back to normal. I’m still tired and overwhelmed and frustrated and just need like an entire week away from everyone and everything. But instead there’s no school today so all four kids are home and we’re all a bunch of cranks. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I spent a boatload of money on sickie stuff. Some helped, most didn’t. Photobucket

And when not crying and throwing fits because she wasn’t feeling well, Ember was really busy destroying as many things as she could, making as many messes as she could, and generally being a typical two year old 😉 Photobucket

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