We were hungry and stopped for lunch. Photobucket

I asked Ember if she wanted to walk up to the counter with Payson and she excitedly said YES! and ran in the opposite direction. (towards the door!) She didn’t see where I had been pointing and when I called after her, “No, Ember, this way!” (nicely, of course) she got SO sad and walked back to me. I didn’t noticed her pouty face until I went to snap the following picture. I could tell she felt embarrassed and reprimanded! I squatted and told her, “Oh baby, you were going that way, huh? (Pointing to where she’d run) It’s okay, mommy loves Ember, you’re not in trouble, you were just going the other way. And now we’re going up to the counter to get our food!” I pointed out the counter, where Payson was now standing, and she perked up and held my hand to walk up to the counter.

The kids got little sticker sheets and played with those while we waited for our food. Photobucket

The place was packed, which I actually really enjoyed because I’ve been feeling SO lonely pent up in my house all day and was able to visit with several people while there. While we waited for our food an employee came over to talk with the kids. She gots smiles out of both of them. Payson was thrilled with the attention. If you ask that kid his name be prepared for a full on conversation because he won’t let you end it easily 😉 Photobucket
The employee brought the kids some IN-N-OUT hats. That was nice of her, both kids loved wearing them.

We shared a meal and I got extra fries for Payson. Payson got one of the burger patties from the burger along with some lettuce and sauce on it. He’s funny, he loves to eat the lettuce off burgers! (After he devours the patty first!) Ember ate only fries, having wrinkled her nose in disgust when I offered her some cheeseburger. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Distracted by conversations during our meal I didn’t notice that Ember had been busy with her sticker sheet. Photobucket

It took me almost ten minutes to peel away all the sticker residue and wash that counter! Not the most fun but, not really a big deal. All in all it was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time. So much fun! Photobucket

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