Fairy Outfit Work in Progress

I knew I wanted to make Ember a fairy outfit but had no idea where and what and how to do it. There are a bazillion patterns and another bazillion of fairy outfits/costumes one could buy. I decided to sketch out what I wanted and just start sewing and making it up as I went along. I picked a color scheme (I was feeling the natural, neutral look this time) and bought some stuff (so hard to stay under budget at the craft store!!) and started cutting and sewing!! I was nervous about just doing it all without a pattern or anything. I got sick two days later and haven’t had a lot of energy to work on it since, I can’t wait to finish and take Ember out for her pictures. I meant to do portraits of her back in September when she turned two. Three and a half months late isn’t too bad, right? Photobucket

I’m mostly in love with the wings I made from scratch. They are SO simple and gorgeous in real life and they’re not even done yet!! I don’t often compliment my own work but I think I might make like ten more pairs of fairy wings in all different colors! Including a pair for myself đŸ˜‰ haha Photobucket
I still have at least another three hours of work to do to finish it. Maybe I’ll work on it today.

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