Eczema and Allergies

What? You’re so excited that I’m blogging an update about Mr. Payson and his allergies?! Wow, I had no idea you were so curious!

You don’t really care that much? Oh. Photobucket

So Payson has definitely had some changes in the allergy “department” the last year-ish. He can now tolerate cheese and butter relatively ok. If he drinks straight cow’s milk or a LOT of cheese and butter he still breaks out in eczema rashes but even then, they’re not too, too bad. Photobucket

This is the worst it’s been in a while. And that’s because he drank a whole cup of milk AND has been stealing a ton of cheese. haha. I’m not really sure how to keep him from cheese besides locking the fridge. And that seems silly. I told him, if you want to keep having eczema rashes then that’s your decision. Photobucket

He never complains about eczema and doesn’t even scratch at it. So, I suppose he’s made his decision. Photobucket

He is still very allergic to gluten, though. Now more than ever. A crumb of gluten has him spending half the day on the toilet 🙁 Photobucket

3 thoughts on “Eczema and Allergies

  • We're still trying to figure out what's causing Erica's sever eczema. And by severe, I mean she is covered head to toe in inflamed raised rash. We've removed all the foods she's allergic to and nothing (though that did clear up her GI issues). We're on week 2 of gluten free to see if that helps. Up next is dairy. She's also receiving allergy injections once a week for her environmental allergies (which are severe and numerous). She's been flaring worse after her shots each week, so I'm really hoping it's that and in a few more months we'll start to see some improvement. Sorry for the chapter! Guess I needed to get all that out and when I saw “eczema and allergies” I jumped at the chance! I'm so glad that Payson's eczema doesn't bother him! Erica is miserable from hers!

  • This is interesting! So glad he's improving on dairy! I'm wondering if you might consider doing a post or passing on information about gluten gree. I would love to try this in our house (for a different reason – behavior) but am at a loss as to where to start. May I ask, what are your favorite meals or snacks? There is so much information online (good and bad!) that I end up more confused after searching than before!

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