We went to Goodwill for a firetruck (and found one for $1, yay) and while in the toy section I spotted this dollhouse. $6 later, I am one very happy mommy to some very happy little girls! Photobucket

I’ve been wanting to get them a dollhouse for forEVER but couldn’t justify the cost of them. I’m so thrilled with this doll house. Of course who wouldn’t be happy with a $6 price tag? I was especially thrilled when Ember decided this was the best toy she’s ever laid eyes on and played with it with her (dollar store bought) fairy barbie girls. She’s played with it a LOT already. Yay. Photobucket
The barn on the left in the photos was $1.99 at Goodwill. I think I’m falling in love with second hand šŸ˜‰
I think people passed by these things because they were so dirty. I took them home and spent thirty minutes scrubbing the crap out of them and they look almost brand new now šŸ™‚ so happy šŸ™‚

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