Chocolate Milk

I’ve tried everything to get Ember to drink something other than breastmilk all the time. Luckily the girl loves to drink water but milks of any kind? No way. I even tried adding chocolate syrup to her milk thinking that would surely get her to gulp some down. (Payson got chocolate in his rice milk too, of course!) Photobucket

I was sick and didn’t do the dishes for a day so all her sippies were dirty so I used a bottle I found in the back of the cupboard. Photobucket

It looked like she liked it, it looked like she was drinking. But nope, maybe three or four drops of milk made it to her stomach. haha Photobucket

Payson, on the other hand, downed two sippy cups full of chocolate rice milk. Photobucket

I get really bored really fast stuck at home. Really bored. We spent some time putting on tattoos and the kids used two boxes of bandaids on pretend owies. Photobucket
We made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and I called the kids in, “Payson, Ember, I need your help!!” When they come running in I always ask them, “Can you please clean this spoon for me?” And hand them a chocolatey spoon. The older girls know, if I call for help from the kitchen there’s going to be something sweet involved.

Payson wanted to wear every single tattoo from the packet he had. Photobucket

Ember wore a bandaid over a pretend owie for three days straight! Photobucket

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk

  • Hi April, I bought the mostly white/cream one from Target. That one is my all time favorite because it's so soft and snuggly. It was pricey but worth it. I wish I'd bought all of our quilts from there.

    I can't remember where I got the one with greens and pinks! I think it might have been JCPenny Home Store. I *think* it was at one of those department stores in the mall and usually the only one I shop at is JCPenny. I don't like that one as much because it's not as soft and snuggly as the white/cream one. It was half the price, though!

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