Barnes and Noble

We only bought a $3 book (Richard Scarry’s Busiest Fire Fighters Ever!) but we had a lot of fun browsing and playing. Photobucket

I’d like to tell some funny little story that happened while we were there but it was a pretty simple, fun trip. Nothing extraordinary happened. Just reading and playing 🙂 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Oh, I just remembered something! When we were on that stage Ember started crying and crying to be breastfed. I can’t even remember the last time I ever breastfed her somewhere besides home or the car (and even breastfeeding in the car is rare these days) but since there was nobody else there I went ahead and let her nurse. I had my back to the rest of the area and was 100% covered (three layers because it was cold that day!) but I swear within one minute this little family showed up and the toddler comes running over to play on the stage followed closely by his dad! Awkward. The dad came and sat *right* next to me. I tried to subtley scoot away while turning further away from him and the stage but by then Ember’s interest had been sparked by the toddler and she hopped up and ran off to play. I don’t know if the dad knew I was breastfeeding, I know for sure he wouldn’t have seen anything except Ember cradled in my arms. I still felt super weird about the whole thing. If Ember was a little baby I wouldn’t but a toddler? It’s bizarre to breastfeed a toddler in public, even if nobody knows or sees anything. For me. Weird. PhotobucketPhotobucket

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