Balloons for All

We’d gone to the dollar store for something (ummm, Windex? I think?) and Payson spotted the balloons and as he was playing with them (while I look at strainers and spatulas) he asked if he could have one. And I said, “Sure! Why not?” And then we picked an Elmo one out for Ember since she loves Elmo. And we paid and left and they were both skipping and running and squealing and smiling outside the store when I realized that the older girls would probably really like balloons, too! I went back in the store and bought two more balloons. The girls reaction to them when they got off the bus was classic. They sprinted over smiling and asking a million questions about why there were balloons and whose birthday was it. I told them it was for Sierra’s birthday since she hadn’t had any! haha Photobucket

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