Stylish Son

I’ve blogged about how I let my kids dress themselves 95%+ of the time now. So the other day I needed to go grocery shopping (with all four kids, oy) and told Payson to run and get dressed. This is the outfit he picked and put on. Photobucket
Yes, complete with backward shirt. lol! I told him, “Thank you for getting dressed so fast, you look awesome!” I literally had to clench my teeth not to laugh out loud. I went in my room for my shoes and giggled in there. He was so proud!
Sierra noticed me taking pictures of Payson and insisted on me taking more of all of them. (Brooklyn was inside ignoring my command to get ready to go and come outside, instead playing video games without permission.) PhotobucketPhotobucket

I didn’t tell them to do a thing, just stood there with my camera, they did the rest. Photobucket

Ember and I were talking a lot about a flock of birds that was flying around above our house. She is fairly obsessed with birds these days. I taught her the baby sign language sign for birds and she does it excitedly while saying, “cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap!” And I’m sure everyone agrees, a toddler doing any animal sound is just delightful. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Oh Sierra, I love you girl! Photobucket

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