Sierra’s 7th Birthday Celebration

Her actual birthday was Sunday but we celebrated it on Saturday. We met up with Allan’s parents at Peter Piper Pizza. Allan’s parents said they’d get there after us and to go ahead and start (I think, I wasn’t the one on the phone but Allan said we should go ahead and start) and Sierra hearing that begged to open her presents first thing. I told her, at least let me order the pizza and then she could open presents! haha Photobucket

I think you can tell that she was pretty darn happy! Photobucket

I took a couple pictures of her opening presents but only because I was setting the focus to record. I don’t have any super fun pictures of her expressions as she opened things, that’s all recorded. But it was adorable! PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember had spent the day saying “Happy Sierra!” Which is how she says Happy Birthday. She just leaves off the birthday. lol,
She LOOOOOVES birthdays, thinks they’re the best thing ever, and after me sitting her down and telling her that it was Sierra’s birthday (because all day long she was singing, “Happy Birthday to Ember” and asking to open Sierra’s presents, haha) she was totally joyful for Sierra. She kept going up to Sierra and telling her to open her presents (while we were still at home, haha) and hugging her and stuff. It was just the sweetest to watch. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Brooklyn helped open up the toys. Photobucket

Payson is such a patient, selfless kid sometimes. He didn’t get pizza or cake and yet was happy with his Wendy’s food and a couple bites of frosting. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We get the kids’ cakes free from Bashas every year. Sierra picked out this one. We forgot candles so we just sang to her and ate it and then the next day we did a candle on the leftover cake so she could make a wish! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

And then it was time to play games. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Both the older girls rode this mini carousel and loved it. haha Photobucket

Cute boy! Photobucket

Ember wanted to ride the carousel over and over again. They probably rode it ten times 🙂 Photobucket

Winning tickets, Brooklyn’s favorite part! Photobucket

The older girls love for me to hang on to their tickets for them while they play games. Payson wouldn’t let me near his! haha. He held on to them with a death grip the whole time. Up until he went over to the ticket machines and put them all in and retrieved his receipt all by himself. Photobucket

Sierra came up to us holding this big stack of tickets! We all congratulated her and had her show us which game she’d won them on and I asked Allan to take this picture. (I was holding Ember) Photobucket

My kids had just as much fun loading the tickets into the ticket counting machine as they did playing games! PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember had the best time with grandpa that day. She’s been talking about grandma and grandpa ever since. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson loves playing these motorcycle games. PhotobucketPhotobucket

This was at the end of the time we spent there (I think we were there for three hours!) and we didn’t have coins left. The girls had wanted to play the motorcycle game but instead just pretended. Photobucket

Daddy and the birthday girl. I wanted a picture of me with her but felt too awkward to ask. Photobucket

The kids showing off their prizes they got with their tickets. Photobucket

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