Losing her Second Tooth on her Seventh Birthday

So because I told her it’d be pretty awesome to lose her tooth on her birthday she was determined to have that happen. Her tooth probably needed just one more day to come out with ease. I ended up twisting it a bit to pull it out. It hurt but Sierra was dead set on that tooth coming out. haha. It was really totally fine, that tooth would have come out the next day for sure (and painfree!) but oh boy was she excited about losing that tooth that night!! Photobucket

She was HYPED up on Christmas, Birthday, and Christmas break, and the excitement of going back to school the next day! Losing her tooth totally tipped the scales into crazy-happy-silly town for Miss Sierra. Photobucket

We had a lot of fun that night talking about the Tooth Fairy and about how special of a month it had been for her. Photobucket

She couldn’t stop smiling! Photobucket

And being a total goofball πŸ˜‰ Photobucket

So the Tooth Fairy was a total success that night. The Tooth Fairy not only remember to bring a dollar, she brought a bonus dollar for losing a tooth on her birthday and she wrapped up the eight quarters in an origami folded heart shaped envelope with pink glitter in swirls all over it. That Tooth Fairy rocked that event! haha

The next day I wanted to get a better picture of Sierra’s lost tooth and asked her to stand outside before we left for school. I asked Brooklyn to join in for a picture. Yes, I blogged these before, but I’m deleting that post to add it here where it belongs πŸ˜‰ Photobucket

I love that even though Brooklyn was really unhappy about going back to school she still acted all silly for the pictures. Photobucket

Sierra’s excitement and resulting silliness hadn’t died down. I love it! πŸ™‚ Photobucket

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