Eek! Just Before Midnight Counts!

I’ve been planning on blogging all day (can I get a hoorah for 13 days in a row of blogging?!) but haven’t made myself sit down to do it until just now at 11:50pm! But that counts! haha

Today was so filled up with great stuff! I wanted to sew and do some other stuff but the kids were reeeeeeeally wanting mom today. I ended up spending most of the day doing fun things with them! It was great. No regrets.

I did manage an hour of sewing time and dyed some more lace for Ember’s outfit. Payson was begging me for an outfit of his own while I sewed and I realized I’ve never sewn my poor boy anything. So I took thirty minutes and made him an apron out of some Lightning McQueen fabric I’ve had on hand that he picked out at the craft store one day.

I have about a hundred pictures I could share, I just went ahead and grabbed the first few from my newly uploaded folder to throw in here, the very first picture is one I snapped of the girls before they road their bikes to their friend’s house. They put together their own outfits after their showers and looked adorable! Photobucket

This next one is one I snapped to remember how my kids are always right by my side as I craft/sew, etc. Photobucket

I leaned the chalkboard against a small table near me so they’d have something to do. Photobucket

Payson was in the best mood today! He loves getting lots of attention from mommy! Photobucket

I had planned on cutting up some fabric to start sewing at this point but Ember holding out that piece of chalk and asking, “Mommy draw?” was too much. I ended up drawing with them and didn’t even get one minute to sew right then! haha. It’s SO fun to draw something (like a puppy or Ember or mommy or a rainbow) and see the little kids’ faces light up like I’m some kind of amazing artist. Photobucket

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