Fun with Tea Dyeing!

I’ve been meaning to dye some stuff using black tea bags for years. Years and years! I don’t know why the heck I haven’t until today! We went to the store this afternoon and bought some stuff for tacos for tonight’s dinner. I grabbed a box of 100 tea bags for $1.50. I dropped the older girls off at their friend’s house and took the little kids home and while they colored at the table I cooked clothes on the stove 😉

It was funny how Payson kept asking me, “Mom, are you cooking shirts?!” or “Mom, we can’t eat clothes!” haha

The onesies and shirts I used first came out just how I wanted. I have a dress and some more stuff in the dryer right now that are SO cute. I can’t wait to dress up Ember. I’ll share pictures, naturally.

The real reason I finally jumped on attempting tea dyeing was I really needed an antique, natural looking undershirt for this fairy outfit I’m sewing for Ember. I could’ve used some tea dyed fabric I bought at the craft store but it wasn’t quite natural looking enough. I’ll talk more about this once I’m finished with her outfit. Or I won’t because that’d be boring. haha!

At the store this afternoon. Photobucket

Clothes in pots on the stove. Photobucket

It smelled like heaven in my house all afternoon. I don’t drink black tea (I drink caffeine free chamomile sometimes) but I LOVE the smell of it! (same with coffee!) Photobucket

The first attempt gave me these three shirts. The large shirt was given to me and doesn’t fit. If I can’t hem it to fit me I’m planning on cutting it into strips to use as ruffles for the onesies I dyed. Photobucket

These pictures aren’t edited at all. I wanted to show the real color of the tea dyed results. Photobucket

Oh haha, excuse this picture of my daughter’s feet thrown in. They’re just so cute! Photobucket

I really only need the very top of a shirt with ruffly sleeves for what I’m working on. I picked this shirt because it was the cheapest in the store. My older daughters are quite upset at the idea of me cutting it up to use for another project. Those cute little puppies stole their hearts. So I’m thinking maybe I’ll just let Ember have that shirt like it is (Though I liked it better white if I’m not using it for a project. oh well) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
And that’s that. I’m hoping to make some good progress on her outfit tonight, sewing while Allan watches the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

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