I have nothing even remotely interesting to blog about today. Sorry. I want to blog daily, and will, but that means that some days are going to be pretty darn lame.

Yesterday was a decent day. The kids and I didn’t do anything special. They all played Super Mario at one point. That’s the only time of the day I snapped a couple pictures.

Today Brooklyn is going to her friend’s house (with Sierra) and I’m going to be working on Ember’s fairy outfit for some pictures I’m going to do. The older girls want to have fairy photoshoots as well so if the outfit turns out (I’m making it up as I go along) I’ll make them some as well and we’ll all go up to the pines for some pictures in a month or so. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Sierra in the background of this next picture: that girl has been refusing to go to bed and is staying up late (like 10, 11, midnight!) and is exhausted during the day. It’s so puzzling to me how my best sleeper as a baby and toddler turned into my worst sleeper as a child. Photobucket
I told you this post was going to be boring! And if it’s not bad enough that I don’t really have anything to talk about, my kids have been whining, crying, fighting, and relentlessly hounding me during the whopping ten minutes it took me to do this! Is 10am too early for a forced naptime for all? lol

2 thoughts on “Meh

  • My now nearly 6 year old DD used to be an amazing sleeper as a baby and a toddler. Now she's like a teenager. She is up until at least 10pm most nights and I have to shake her out of bed at 10am the next day or else she'd just keep sleeping. School days are a nightmare as she is exhausted during the day. She then passes out early for 2-3 nights in a row after 2-3 weeks of bad sleeping and then the cycle starts again. I used to fight it but now I just figure if she's tired it's her problem. I won't let her nap though as it'll only mean she stays up later! I'm hoping that this is a phase (going on for 2 years now…)

  • Insomnia is something I struggled with, even as a child! You can ask G'ma Hall and then I get so fatigued during the day I want to cry…mom says it's like I was afraid I'd miss something! I remember I was afraid to be alone in my room (because I had my own room back then) and had terrible, scary nightmares AND my mind would not turn off unless I was watching Tv, etc. but then I'd get caught up in storylines and had to see it to the end! What I'm taking fooooreeeeevvvvveeeeerrr to stay is our family gene pool has insomnia so she comes by it honestly!

    P.S. I didn't quit work after all- we just have too many bills & with Jeena getting married in August I have to make it special by working (I want to at least buy her dress, etc). BUT- I did tell my boss I wanted to take a week off to see you and have it be between two weekends that I'll have off! Most likely last week in February where I WILL bring Christmas & Sierra's and YOUR birthday gifts! I ♥ you much!

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