I barely snapped myself out of the depressed ship I was sailing this week. I knew I needed to get out of the house but I didn’t want to go far and spend a boatload of money. Since Allan left me with his small car while he took my SUV to the lake with Brooklyn I was able to get out of the house without guilt! His car gets twice the gas mileage mine does!! My SUV only gets 13 mpg. When we bought this SUV is when a lot of my depression symptoms started because I could no longer go out as much. I was spending a *fortune* on gas.

So today having a car with such great gas mileage I had no guilt driving 20 miles. I only went to the gas station (it’s the only thing relatively close to us) but it was fun. I really, really need to just get out of the house often. I can’t stand being stuck inside all the time. Especially after the hellish summer we had stuck indoors for months!! And being sick all the time when it is nice (my biggest complaint about AZ, when it’s nice in the winter- we’re sick!!) just makes me feel like I’m always stuck indoors. And I’m a nature lover. Like, the biggest outdoors girl you could imagine. So, life doesn’t work for me if I’m trapped inside for 90% of it! haha

Today during a time when Payson was exceptionally cranky and whiny I noticed that Ember was nowhere in sight. I went looking for her (because we were about to leave) and found her in her closet with an Easter basket and Easter eggs. She was taking the eggs out of the basket one by one and putting them in this shoe organizer. I also love that she’s wearing a necklace in this picture because she’s almost always wearing a piece of jewelry of some sort!

Once everyone had shoes on we piled into Allan’s car. Ember insisted on bringing her Easter basket with a couple of eggs. Photobucket

Sometimes when I smile I feel like the following lyrics are the exact description of my thoughts:
So take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

I had my kids share happy meals. Because three happy meals? I don’t have dough to throw around like that. Photobucket

We didn’t stop to get them full. They’d actually just eaten! We just needed to get out! Photobucket

Sierra played this claw game. Such a waste of money, but I bit my tongue about such things. I freaking loved claw games as a kid! Still do, if they were free anyway. We had a giant pile of won claw-game stuffed animals when I was a kid! Photobucket

I was driving home, the kids in the back happy and jittery with excitement over their gas station treats, when I remembered all the times (twice) we’d stopped and taken pictures on the sidewalk by the park. For old time’s sake we stopped to play and we took some pictures. Though Brooklyn was sorely missed. Photobucket

Like every time, the kids took turns sprinting to the camera to press the shutter button. They were giggling like crazy over it. I need a tripod so that I can safely set up my camera in a place that the kids can press the shutter button. It makes them so happy I bet I’d get some nice family pictures that way! Photobucket

I didn’t mean to buy two beef jerky sticks. I didn’t realize that after I grabbed one for him he took it upon himself to grab one as well. I did pay for both (I checked my receipt) but just didn’t realize it until we were driving home. Payson wasn’t too happy once we got home and I didn’t let him eat both. haha Photobucket

I was breastfeeding Ember in this one. Photobucket

Silly faces! Photobucket

I was surprised by how much Sierra wanted to take these pictures. She was having fun and looking so adorable!! Photobucket

Sierra and I were laughing so hard because mid run back to the rest of us after pushing the button Ember stopped and starts shaking her butt and wiggling like crazy and she laughingly tells us all, “I’m dancing! Ember dancing!” Maybe you had to be there but it was darn funny with the expression on her face like she was making a big joke by stopping to dance instead of running back to sit with us. Photobucket

Ok, that’s probably enough! Photobucket

Ember got quite a few laughs walking around the store with her Easter basket. Of course that girl gets comments, looks, smiles, and laughs wherever she goes. People like Ember a lot. (Sierra dressed Ember today for the first time!) PhotobucketPeople also like Payson. Sometimes I feel embarrassed because he is by FAR my most social child and will stop to talk to every single person we pass by in the store. He will just stop and start up a random conversation with them about whatever it was he was thinking about just then. Most of the time I try to judge the person’s interest level and help out; if they seem like they don’t want to talk to him I’ll get his attention so he leaves them alone, if they seem like they’re happy talking to him (laughing and smiling) I let him talk his little heart out. haha! Today in line at the gas station he was talking to a young guy behind us and the guy and his buddy were cracking up at Payson’s conversation. I wish I could remember exactly how he started that particular conversation… it was something like, “Hey, I’m Payson, I’m four, I was watching Ninja Turtles and Ralphael was mean so I like Michelangelo better. I like to call him Mikey. My mom got me this treat because I really love beef jerky. Do you like Ninja Turtles? Do you like beef jerky?”
That kid needs school. He LOVES people!

PS: I’m SO glad photobucket is letting me use the original site. I really hope it never changes.

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  • I LOVE the pictures that you took above(albeit missing Brooklyn & Allan too) they turned out so cute! I love how adorable my Gold Canyon kids are!! You always makew life look so FUN! I'd love to be your kid!

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