4 thoughts on “Allan and Brooklyn’s Camping Trip

  • I love that he's taken both the big girls out for trips in the last couple weeks!! So sweet and such great memories for the girls. I can imagine how special they feel with that one-on-one time and such great adventures to boot. Allan did a great job taking pictures 🙂 There are some really nice ones in the set.

  • Allan, I think this is my favorite Blog post ever! I love the fish pictures. How many did you catch and what were their sizes? If you guys were having a contest to catch the longest small mouth bass, it looks like Brooklyn would have won. However, it certainly looks like you caught the fattest small mouth and some huge large mouth bass. Congrats to you and Brooklyn!


  • I LOOOOVE how cute these pictures are! Brooklyn is daddy's little twin. I never used to think so but they have the same smile!! Such cuties! I also like how she loves to fish like her daddy!

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