Hmm. So I tried like ten times to get photobucket to work last night (the old version) and it wouldn’t switch back but today it did. So, as long as photobucket keeps letting me use that version I’ll keep blogging.

I think it may sound dramatic that I’m so picky about only using the old site but the reason why is you can upload and copy all the images you want in one post at one time. The new photobucket site you have to copy and paste each picture one at a time. Maybe that doesn’t sound difficult to anyone either but to me it’s huge, I just don’t have even ten extra minutes on top of the time I take to blog!

I had about ten thousand additional paragraphs to this post but just deleted them. If you’re unlucky enough to be reading in a reader you might see them, I didn’t delete them for my benefit, but for you readers. haha! If you’re curious as to what they said, it was just a LOT of me talking about how I’m feeling stuck out in the middle of the desert. Pretty boring.

I’m leaving my house today. I haven’t decided why or where I’ll take the kids but I have decided that if I don’t I’ll end up crying on the floor again like I did this past Saturday.
I can’t wait to move. Have I mentioned that once before? One hundred times before? Oh. haha. Sorry.

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