The Day After Christmas

Sale shopping! The kids spent the morning playing with their toys and after lunch we headed out to check out some after-Christmas sales. We spent about 3 hours out and stopped at three stores. It wouldn’t have taken as long if Brooklyn wasn’t so indecisive. She gets it from me, so I can’t complain! haha

We didn’t get too much stuff because the sales weren’t very good. Mostly we got wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows for next year. We got some stocking stuffers. We bought Sierra’s birthday presents (her birthday is in 10 days) and that’s it!
We were standing in line at WalMart to pay and I’d brought treats for the kids thinking they’d be getting impatient by then. Payson dropped his fruit snacks. Photobucket

The gingerbread cookies and fruit snacks really perked my kids up. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson was hollering about having to go to the bathroom at this point. The boys’ bathroom was closed for cleaning and the girls’ bathroom was way too crowded to attempt to bring my entire family into so I had Brooklyn take him in. I waited with the Sierra and Ember. Photobucket

Brooklyn does an excellent job in situations like this, it was so cute when they walked out of the bathroom together and his sleeves were pushed up so high so that he could wash his hands. I thought that was thoughtful of Brooklyn.

Before heading to one last store I breastfed Ember in the car. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We looked briefly at Target. There weren’t any good sales. I only bought presents for Sierra’s birthday, none of which were on sale. Dang it. (We didn’t get the toys the little kids are holding in these pictures) Photobucket

I didn’t take a picture of it but the three older kids used their $10 of Christmas money from family to buy $5 Webkinz (and they each have $5 left) and Ember got a baby doll. Photobucket

She owns at least 4 other baby dolls but insisted on this baby. She plays with every single baby she owns and is the sweetest little mama to them so I like that she wanted it so much. She loves that the baby has a binky that stays in her mouth. Photobucket

The three older kids always climb on those giant balls. Photobucket

Ember was desperate for me to let her have a try. Photobucket
We got home and the kids played Webkinz and then we had dinner and Allan got home and we had our looong bedtime routine with the four kids and then Allan and I (and Ember) watched Breaking Dawn part 1. haha!

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