Santa Mama

Just finished doing the Santa thing. It’s past 2am and I’m about to go join my husband and baby in my bed but I figured I’d post a couple pictures quickly.

I baked gingerbread cookies today. We’re going to frost them tomorrow. Photobucket

Since I stayed up three hours after everyone else to be Santa I figured I’d snap a picture of myself and the tree/presents setup to remember. Allan went to bed earlier because he’s sick 🙁 Photobucket

Ho Ho Ho! Photobucket

Here are a couple pictures of it all ready to go. I am still feeling glad I was able to do all of Christmas for four kids for under $150. It took a lot of time and planning and shopping creatively to buy for four kids and still have it all feel special. Photobucket

I’m pretty sure that every single wrapped gift for the kids was bought at Goodwill or the dollar store! It was so difficult to find nice stuff at Goodwill. I don’t know how other people seem to find stuff easily. It took me so many shopping trips over several months to get good stuff! I’m going to hit up clearance sales this week in preparation for next Christmas in hopes of having an easier time! PhotobucketPhotobucket

I was surprised when both my girls asked Santa for Webkinz this year. For months before Christmas they talked about Webkinz and they wrote letters to Santa only asking for Webkinz, so… Webkinz it is!! I bought these ones online for $5 and $7! Awesome. Photobucket

Payson and Ember are sharing a Santa gift this year. I’d have bought them their own but they share all their toys anyway so… Photobucket

Santa ate the cookies! Ok, I just crumbled part of one up on the plate! Photobucket

Woah am I tired. I’ll end this post with some pictures I took of my kids this evening. They are a very excited bunch of munchkins. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketMerry Christmas, guys!

4 thoughts on “Santa Mama

  • And the Award of Best MOM EVER goes to ARIANA!!! Good Job!! I am totally impressed with your skills! And the kids looks soooo happy and cute in their holiday outfits!!!

  • I'm attempting to comment from my parents' computer, so maybe this will actually go through?! I am very, very impressed by how little you managed to spend. That is *awesome*!! I bet I spent $150 per kid (probably more) and I feel like I didn't really get them all that much stuff! It's getting harder as they get older though, because a lot of the things they want are electronics and that equals $$$. 🙁 Your cookies look delicious. Can't wait to see pictures of the kids enjoying all of your hard work. It's always worth it in the end, right?

  • This is sooo festive, Tiffany! You make everything sooo special! I do miss that the LDS church preaches frugality and making more of what you have…then being caught up in the technological trappings of the world! Your kids play and share time with each other instead of sit with I-pods, tablets or any one of the other gizmos that keep kids from truly connecting with others! I miss the simplicity and honesty of playing for fun!! Christmas ought to cost $150.00 yet still be meaningful! I am very proud of you for saving your money and not going overboard! You totally rocked it!

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