Visiting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

PhotobucketThis is the fourth year we’ve gone to Bass Pro Shops to visit Santa. I guess it’s become a tradition? I don’t know how I feel about that after this year’s experience. The kids had a blast but Allan and I were stressed and didn’t enjoy it. It was SO crowded and our kids were running every which way and… oh boy, just NOT fun at all! haha
I told Allan I was absolutely not coming back next year, we’d find another place to visit Santa, but just now blogging about it… it’s been four years of going to Bass Pro Shop, is it horrible to end that specific tradition and visit Santa elsewhere? Is visiting Santa tradition enough, no matter what the venue may be? (Tell me yes. haha)

We got there as early as we could. Which, with Allan’s work schedule, wasn’t early at all! We got to the line to see Santa and were told there were no more bass passes left.(bass pass means you stand in line, get a ticket, come back to meet Santa at the time on the ticket) No more bass passes meant no more seeing Santa despite it being 2 1/2 hours before closing and Santa leaving. Can you believe that??! And there’s no buying or claiming bass passes any other way than by showing up at the store and the store is a good 45 minutes from our house.<br/
So anyway, we were about to leave when someone in line let us have her bass pass! She didn’t want to take her daughter to see Santa there after all. We were so thankful! We got in line and the line wasn’t too long of a wait!

Near the front of the line there is a table with paper and crayons to write letters to Santa and there’s a mailbox to stuff them into. They do that because this Santa doesn’t even ask your kids what they want. In fact, their Santas don’t really even talk to my kids. haha! They might say a word or two but mostly it’s sit and smile, rush rush.

So here’s a picture of the older girls mailing their letter to Santa. Photobucket

So this year we’ve watched Christmas movies and read a lot of Christmas books. Most have been about the real Christmas story but some have been about Santa. When we first got to the store I told Ember we were going to see Santa and she seemed happy about that. I didn’t know if she’d really know what I meant or grasp that we were going to meet him.
Well, she caught sight of him while we were all standing in line and starts pointing and smiling and telling me, “Santa! Santa, mama! Santa!” Photobucket

It was adorable. I was happy that she was so excited about it! Photobucket

When we got up to Santa we put Payson on his lap and then attempted to put Ember on his lap. She leaned forward towards me with an unhappy face, reaching for me. I let her stand instead, she was happy about that. She smiled at him and said hi after the photo 🙂 Photobucket

After seeing Santa we always play the games and ride the carousel. PhotobucketPhotobucket

I didn’t get a picture of Brooklyn because she chose an animal on the other side. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Then we went and saw the fish. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
And that’s all!

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