Family Picture Fail

A week ago I told my family that I wanted to go out Sunday afternoon to take our family pictures. I didn’t have high expectations as my family hates having their picture taken and always has. The short time we were out there was terrible. I won’t go into details (for the sake of those involved) but it was awful.

I got a couple pictures that are cute but… it was such a bad experience it’s hard to really like them at all. haha! Maybe in a few months when the memory is fuzzy. Photobucket

I’m including this next one to show how their faces looked in between shots. Can you tell Allan was telling me to hurry? haha! Photobucket

The last picture I took before calling it quits and heading home. Photobucket

One thought on “Family Picture Fail

  • You did it! HEHE! I love the first one. The middle one is super funny! I like seeing everyone's expressions! I can't believe I am commenting! I don't usually have the ability too. But today on Christmas my kiddos are ALL busy with new toys! Hurray!

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