Cootie Catcher

I made a bunch of cootie catchers for my kids. I didn’t take pictures of the girls’ because they were busy playing with them but I did take pictures of Payson’s. He told me every single thing to draw and write. It was cute seeing him so into it. They’ve played with them constantly ever since. Photobucket

You can see Ember’s cootie catcher on the ground beside him. Hers mostly had shapes like a sun, heart, star, and lots of cute colors. Photobucket

Payson was very precise in what he wanted me to draw. Included: Captain America’s shield and a letter A, Bot from Team Umizoomi (he specified NOT smiling, haha), Spiderman, Lightning McQueen, Geo from Team Umizoomi, Superman symbol, Hulk, and the Batman symbol. Payson was bummed out that we ran out of room because he really wanted Milli from Team Umizoomi as well. Photobucket

This was the day he started to get pink eye. Photobucket

Ember is constantly raiding her dresser and dressing herself up. Sometimes she brings the clothes to me to put on her and after she prances away with a soft smile on her face as she stares down at her outfit. Such a funny little thing. I took pictures of this outfit because it looked cute! Head to toe she picked it out! Photobucket

She almost always brings me layers. She loves to wear shorts or skirts over her leggings and sweaters over her shirts. She’s just too cute!

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