A Clean House is a Happy House, says Me

Sometimes it seems like my kids do nothing more than make messes and destroy stuff all day long.
Especially Payson, he is so mischievous!
The mess in my home was pissing me off today and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I finally walked around my house with an giant empty box and put everything on my floor (that Payson and Ember had put there!) in that box. I put the now-full box up high and I bet my life that not a one of my kids notices a single item in that box missing for weeks! Ugh. I did this once months and months ago. It’s awesome, I should do it more often!
I also only made sandwiches for dinner and sent the kids to their rooms a half hour early. I’m beat. But, sitting in my clean house with the kids all off reading quietly in their rooms, I’m feeling much better 😉

Oh, here’s a picture of my kids with Santa last week. They had the best time at the Bass Pro Shops. Photobucket

And a picture of Ember. She loved that pettiskirt. Photobucket

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