Queen for a Day

The day Sierra stayed home from school with pink eye she found a crown in our bathroom and decided she wanted to play dress up. A pettiskirt and a blanketed throne later… Her Majesty Queen Sierra and her Royal Family. Photobucket
The kids had the best time ever playing this for the afternoon. Even Payson got a kick out of me speaking to them with an exquisite vocabulary. And luckily, exquisite is easy to fake when you’re speaking to children. haha!
I actually ended up telling Sierra all about royal families and kings and queens in history and it turned into an educational and fun past time.

And a secret, spilled for you… I loved this game until they started ordering me around for over an hour and then Sierra called me servant during lunch. Suddenly mama wasn’t too happy… I am servant to them every day and with how tired I was, it struck me wrong. haha! I didn’t say anything, but I did change the game after that. Mom was no longer servant, mom was Queen! They were the royal children! haha!

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