For a Friend

Last weekend (the 9th to be exact) my friend asked me if I could take her family’s pictures. We planned to meet up at a park by the Superstition Mountains. I got there before her family did and I had Allan, Payson, and Ember help me check the lighting in certain areas. They were enthusiastic about it 😉 Photobucket

Payson had to pee (the kid pees or poops every five minutes I swear), you can see him with Allan coming back from the desert in the background of this next picture! ha Photobucket

They were having fun so I snapped a couple more. Photobucket

Trying a slightly different angle. Photobucket

Then we went back to the play equipment, where Brooklyn and Sierra were, to wait. Photobucket

Ember was thrilled to get a turn on the swings. Photobucket

Until she spotted the merry-go-round, which had her jumping off the swing without warning to sprint to it. We were glad she didn’t fall off! Photobucket

Here are a few of the pictures of my friend’s family. They are the sweetest family, truly. Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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