Daddy’s Girl

Something that surprised Allan and me when I went to Washington a couple months ago, was Ember’s attitude toward Allan when we got back. After not seeing him for a week and meeting so many new people (and being passed around and not having as much time with mom as she was used to) she developed some pretty severe clinginess to me. I don’t mind that but I was shocked when she refused to go to Allan! She has always adored her dad (of course) and willingly, and excitedly, gone to him as much as she would go to me. But for about a month after the trip she would always ask for me or choose me over him. If I was in the house she was looking for me, period.

So we noticed, however, that the last few weeks she has finally come around and started acting like her old self as far as her relationship with Allan goes. Now, don’t get me wrong- she never disliked Allan or anything, she still loved her dad, she just really only wanted me to hold her.

She still prefers me but she is finally starting to go to him or reach for him instead of me at times! Yay. Photobucket

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