It’s not the easiest with our little wiggle worm. Photobucket

She kicks, and pokes, and punches, and wiggles. All night long. Photobucket

And we try, we follow guidelines in the best baby/toddler sleep books we can find. Photobucket

And there is progress, for sure. She sometimes sleeps until 5 or 6am in her big girl bed all on her own. Photobucket

But then she’ll get a cold or a new tooth or any old thing like that and demand to sleep with mommy and daddy and I can’t say no to her. Not when she’s not feeling well! So in our bed she goes! And going back to her sleeping in her own bed, it takes a week or two. Or three. Photobucket

So basically she sleeps with mommy (and sometimes daddy) most of the time. Still. Photobucket

And I’m tired, because she likes to kick me awake most of the night, but… I’m cuddled up between my awesome husband and my sweet baby all night. Surely there are worst things 🙂 Photobucket

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