Annual Checkup with Two Kids and Pink Eye

I wasn’t excited about having to go to the doctor (the obgyn) with pink eye and both my littlest kids. But I was really glad I didn’t have all four kids, so that was a win! First thing that morning Allan had picked up Ember when she cried in her bed and she fell right back to sleep in his arms. PhotobucketPhotobucket

After he went to work I took a picture of my pink eye. Oh boy did I look terrible! Photobucket

I’m self conscious enough when going for my annual checkup (oy) so when I found my razor broken in my shower and realized I was going to have hairy legs for the one appointment in the year that I needed shaved legs (and other places *ahem*, including arm pits!) I kinda freaked out! I wasn’t going to wear makeup because of my pink eye but at the last minute I swiped on some mascara that was almost empty and going to be thrown out anyway. I made sure to not coat the roots of my eyelashes (like I normally do) so that hopefully my eyes wouldn’t get irritated! I tell you, it seems silly but that mascara made me feel just that much better! Photobucket

The doctor appointment went perfectly. Both my kids were on their best behavior! Photobucket

Ember sat in her stroller like this for over half an hour I think! Silly girl. Photobucket

Payson was good, too. At one point while we were all sitting there alone in the room waiting for my doctor he noticed a poster on the wall (a diagram of all the girly parts down there) and said, “Mom! I see the picture of how the doctor is going to open your butt.” I started laughing so hard. When I regained my composure I asked him as nonchalantly as I could why he thought the doctor would open my butt and he replied knowingly, “To help your diarrhea come out.” (haha! He has been to the gastroenterologist so many times I think his first thought was stomach troubles! Though he has never had his bum examined or any help pooping! haha!) Photobucket

So I noticed right away on entering the exam room that the only seat, the bench where Payson could sit while waiting for me to have my checkup, was directly at the foot of the exam table! Since I would be, you know, naked and have my feet propped up and all that, directly in front of my son who would’ve been sitting there, I knew I had to get Payson to stand out of the way during the checkup. I told Payson that I had a super important job for him to do. I told him that the doctor was going to be checking my whole body to make sure everything was healthy and that I didn’t want anyone coming in the room while the doctor was doing that. I asked him if he could be the door guard. I looked very serious when I asked him and implied that it was the most important thing ever to me! haha. He looked excited as I demonstrated what the door guard does. (stands in front of the door and folds his arms and says, “Don’t come in!” to anyone who tries) When my doctor came in Payson went straight to the door and stayed there just like I’d told him to. My doctor played in to it to telling Payson how great he was to help out being the door guard. haha Photobucket
And that was that! Oh, my doctor gave me a breast exam because I’d had some nipple pain while breastfeeding Ember and a weird white spot. Turns out it’s a milk bleb (weird name, huh?) and I just need to keep up warm compresses and not get engorged until it goes away. Ironically after having suffered with it for almost two months, two days after my appointment it was basically gone. I still have a teensy bit of lingering pain but it’s almost cleared up and unclogged. Yay for not having excruciating nipple pain, right?!

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