Um, Blah

Life lately has been one big blur of delirious misery. I can’t remember what happened when, what I last blogged about, what or when I last ate, or anything else really.
In addition to pink eye in both my eyes, my cold (or whatever it is) has taken a dramatic turn for the worse and I think I may have strep or just a wretched infected throat of some other sort.
On top of that I started my period unexpectedly while out on an errand after my doctor appointment (yesterday?) and bled through.
In other words, life has been one great big, wild ride! One I’m begging the universe to let me off of ASAP!

In quick list form, here are some highlights from these here parts:
-I wake up with both my eyes sealed shut
-I can’t speak, my voice is totally gone
-The girls are late to school because it takes me an extra ten minutes to make their lunch since I’m so weak/dizzy and can barely see
-Payson makes a diarrhea mess in the bathroom during my sickest part of the day
-Ember copies me gargling with salt water all day (cute)
-Payson sneaks a carton of rice milk into his room and dumps the entire thing on his floor
-Payson steals my gum and eats the last four or five pieces
-Payson eats banana bread off the counter (gluten)
-Ember cries for an apple (of course I give it to her)
-I need to call Allan to come home but can’t because I have no voice, I finally email him at 5pm and say, “COME HOME!”
-He gets home at 6:30pm and I take a bath (with Ember) and then fall asleep for two hours
-Brooklyn swears while on the phone with her friend (picked it up from the bus)
-Using a diaper for a pad while at the store
-Payson peeing in a cup in the car on the side of the road when we’re still 20 minutes from home
-Payson kissing my arm whenever I doze off on the couch
-Typing or writing notes to the older girls since I have no voice. haha!
-Using a made up sign language with Payson and Ember for the same reason. ha
-Oh and duh, I’m doing the same thing with Allan tonight, right here on my blog! haha, it’s faster to type than write so I run over to the computer and type him a note, then erase it, haha!

There’s more but… like I said, my brain is mush. haha

It took me half a day to write that post above! I wrote it on and off througout the last half of yesterday. I never finished because I just couldn’t.
I feel slightly better today! Far from healthy but I can speak quietly (my voice sounds like a man’s), my body isn’t shaky and weak, and… well those are the only real improvements, but I’ll take them!
This morning Allan stayed home for the morning to get the girls ready for school and take care of breakfast for everyone. That made ALL the difference for me, getting to sleep until 9:30! He left around 11:30am for work. I really appreciated that. REALLY appreciated it!! Geez, I really like some help I guess! haha. OH and the BEST part is he did all the dishes last night! *dreamy siiiiigh* So happy about that. I do dishes soooo often and hate it. Ember always tries to help which is CUTE but doesn’t really work. So anyway, I am just still happy about my dishes being done even though there is already another load to be done! haha! DISHES!

The pictures in this post are from the day after my stomach virus went away and right before I got pink eye. I took the opportunity to spend the entire day giving my kids attention. We did crafts, played with homemade playdough, and even did a full session of preschool! It was a great day! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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  • you're an inspriation and a stronger person that you give yourself credit for. hope your feeling better soon 🙂 thankyou for your blogs they give me strength with my two little ones knowing that even though I live on the other side of the world mum's everywhere are really not alone in their struggles to do the best for their family.

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