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So my littlest kids have been healthy recently. I jumped at the chance to schedule a doctor appointment for them to have another catch up round of vaccinations. We had both kids on a delayed schedule which ended up mostly being a skipped-everything-until-they-were-one-year-old schedule and we still haven’t quite caught up. But almost! Thank goodness.

So the appointment ended up also being well child checks because both little kids recently had birthdays and I never took them in! Ugh, I hate being behind on musts.

The kids did really well at their appointments (I’ll blog more about it some other time) but I had concerns about Payson’s height and sure enough… he hasn’t grown in height at ALL in the last year! (He grew perfectly in weight, though) That freaked me out because… kids are supposed to grow! A lot every year! I immediately wondered if his intestinal problems were behind it. His pediatrician sent us to get him x-rayed for a bone age test. And that turned on the mommy panic! I tried to be logical and just cool it down until I got the results but I couldn’t help it! Every what/why/how/if??? question flew through my mind. I talked to his doctor about it and I got home and google searched a bit. There’s a lot of information out there about it and either he’s just fine or he’s not. haha! I’m a worried mess about it but won’t find out the results of his tests until Monday. I keep wondering if he’s really just fine and a late bloomer or if it’s because he hasn’t absorbed enough nutrients because of his chronic diarrhea or because of something else altogether!?

Until I get the results of his bone age test… I’ve just been keeping busy and trying to distract myself when it creeps back into my mind.

So today Allan went fishing. He was gone for half the day. I took the opportunity to do crafts with the kids, cook and clean, and all that other motherly stuff.

Tomorrow I have to teach the sunbeams class (four year olds) in church like always, Payson has the scripture, and then in the evening I’m taking my friend’s family pictures for their Christmas card.

And right now, I stole all this time typing. Allan has been talking nonstop (he really does NOT like me blogging, he wants my time, which I understand but after a 14 hour day I just want to TYPE for ten minutes in peace, you know?! I just desperately need to purge my brain!), Ember has been coming up to me every few minutes to show my something (I asked Allan to just distract her for ten minutes so I could blog REALLY QUICK), and I’m just tired. But I have SO many other things to talk about! Oh well. Oh well.

I have a lot of pictures to share but for now I just quickly uploaded these random ones from a breakfast we had Thursday or Friday. It was the first day my stomach was feeling ok and the kids were in a super good mood seeing mommy happy and awake and UP and moving around without camping out on the couch or in the bathroom. haha! PhotobucketPayson was in the middle of a really cute prayer.

I’d apologize about the wrinkled tablecloth but, I was recovering from a severe stomach bug so I didn’t actually care one bit. PhotobucketPhotobucket

His face when I asked him how many pieces of bacon he got. Photobucket

Ember is my best “eater” and always has been. She eats with her silverware and isn’t very messy. She drinks really well out of open top cups and doesn’t really knock them over much. However, she does occasionally decide that she thinks it’s a good idea to just purposefully dump out her entire drink onto the table. Photobucket

And here is typical Ember, if she ever does something wrong or makes a mess she not only is apologetic but always, without being asked, cleans up after herself. That girl, she is just… so fun. Photobucket

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  • As the mom of a 5 month old “failure to thrive” baby, I can imagine how stressful Payson's health issues are for you. I hope you get some good answers.

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