Toe Walking

Oh that toe walking. What are we ever going to do, Sierra? Will you be a toe walker as an adult? Will there be more braces, or even casts and surgeries in your future?

The decision making process is a very difficult one. An ongoing one as most “fixes” for toe walking don’t really permanently fix it. At least not in most cases. We’re going to start physical therapy again soon. That seems like the most mild, non-life-altering choice for now. PhotobucketPhotobucket~Yes, this is how she stands/walks 99% of the time. Lately more like 100% of the time.

4 thoughts on “Toe Walking

  • I don't even know! She's walked like that since she very first started walking and her calves are pretty dang strong! haha. It looks awkward and painful when she walks but she never complains. We put her in heels a lot for extra support. It's funny because I've heard judgments passed on parents who let their daughters wear heels where in our case it's more supportive!

  • Does the baby do that as well? there was a picture I thought it was the baby but maybe it was Sierra when she was younger! Have the boots or other shoes that you've gotten helped?

  • My youngest doesn't do it, thankfully! She went through a phase for a month or two when she was a baby where she would stand on her toes but it wasn't constantly and she stopped that. My son went through the same phase as a baby.

    Sierra has had increased range of motion after wearing braces. They're very good for that. The issue with braces is that if Sierra's not wearing them she is right back up on her tip toes and within a few weeks the progress made is completely undone. She would need to wear braces full time for months and then all night long, or 12 hours a day, for probably her entire childhood. That's one of our options. There are several other options but I won't bore you with that here šŸ™‚ haha

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