Mom, Kids

Today was awesome! I’ve finally beat my stomach virus and it’s so amazing to be able to walk around my house without worrying about having to run to the bathroom every ten minutes! haha

Today I knew that since I was better I really needed to catch up on house work. The last few days of being sick had me doing the laundry and the dishes but that’s it. And my house looks like a disaster.

But there were bigger needs than cleaning the house today! My kids didn’t enjoy me being couch ridden for much of the last two days and their behavior was reflecting their need for attention. I am still so very tired and the sight of my trashed house was bugging me but I decided it was just going to have to wait. The little kids needed a day of quality mommy attention and that’s what they got! After doing a couple of loads of dishes (the amount of dishes a family of 6 makes is INSANE) we:

– made a batch of koolaid playdough
-did some Mother Goose Time activities
-made a small fort and played monster games
-kids played in the kitchen cupboards while I made lunch
-I put Ember to bed for a nap
-Payson played a picture/word matching game
-Payson colored
-Payson asked me how to spell a bunch of words and he wrote them. (This is what he’s currently doing as I type)

Busy day with kid stuff. SO much fun.
These pictures are from Sunday before church. The little kids were being so goofy on their little chair… they just kept taking turns sitting down and doing giant happy faces. haha PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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