I Want to Feel Good!

I felt low yesterday. Oh how life decided to show me the error of my ways. Feeling low, Ariana? Oh ok, let me show you what low really feels like!

I started feeling really nauseated last night before bed. I figured it was because I’d skipped dinner (and eaten a chocolate cookie instead; ok, two chocolate cookies) and so I had some plain noodles.
Ember woke me up sometime in the middle of the night and I brought her into bed with me, too tired to even think about putting her back to bed in her room. From that point on I had a hard time sleeping because I felt like I was going to throw up all night. And my throat hurt so bad. And my nose and head were aching from congestion.

Haha, yep, joke’s on me because as bad as yesterday was today was a million times worse. I have some sort of evil stomach virus/severe cold combo. Similar to the last time I was sick two weeks ago, except worse! haha

One of those types of illnesses where I wish more than anything Allan could take a day off work to help with the kids so I could just get an hour of sleep every few hours! Ugh, it was awful. It is awful. I feel like total and complete crap. I spent half the day in the bathroom and the other half cuddled on the couch with the kids. Sierra stayed home from school with pink eye today, too! I felt so badly for how I wasn’t pampering her (don’t get me wrong, I fed her and provided movies, ha!) so at one point when I wasn’t spending every second in the bathroom I brought the kids into the front room and we had a little dance party. I didn’t dance. I sat on the floor in pain, but I didn’t tell them that. I wanted them to have fun.

I have a lot of pictures and while I love my children again enough to look through them (unlike yesterday, hee) I am just tooooo tired. I want to go back to laying like a lump on the couch. My big plans are: No eating, drinking water, and watching The Voice. So fun, so exciting, life is awesome.

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I wwanted to add, the best part of the day was when my sister-in-law Mary called me to see how I was doing after reading my post from yesterday. I really love her.

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  • Oh yuck. I hope you feel better soon! Maybe you need to schedule an “Ariana” weekend where you do whatever you want and leave all 4 kids with your husband. 🙂

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