So one day last week the little kids and I did all of the Christmas shopping for my kids. My budget for Christmas for clothes, toys, books, stocking stuff, or anything for ALL four kids was $100! I got each kid a toy from WalMart for $10. I got them a box of legos to share and a box of nice wooden blocks to share. Then with the leftover money we hit up Goodwill and the dollar store. Having such a Christmas and having this time of budgeting makes me feel grateful for the money we have. We’re overly blessed. PhotobucketAbove: I found the little kids stockings for $4 a piece!

PhotobucketAbove: Cranky kids while we waited for my Christmas present to be brought out, a small carton of flooring from Lowe’s to use for pictures.

PhotobucketAbove: Sharing M&Ms fixed the screaming in the store. It’s worth the bribe to avoid the stares.

PhotobucketPhotobucketAbove: Ember stealing some chips at Goodwill. It always surprises me that she can reach the things she’s able to now.

PhotobucketAbove: After grocery shopping at WalMart it was definitely time to go home and forget about shopping for another week! Whew.

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