Brooklyn’s School Talent Show

Brooklyn came home from school at the beginning of last week with a flyer about a 3rd grade talent show. She was already planning her short performance. She went through three different plans before she settled on a simple performance of singing “Oh Christmas Tree.” That’s her favorite Christmas song this year.
Waiting for the talent show to start: Photobucket

There was some confusion between the two teachers and they accidentally wrote down that Brooklyn’s best friend Sarah would be performing with her. Which wasn’t the plan! haha. Sarah was surprised to be called up and didn’t know any of the words to the song! Poor girl. She smiled and tried her best to follow along though. PhotobucketPhotobucket

That trip we’d done to the dollar store after the kids’ dentist appointment was for this, Brooklyn picked out a few things to make a fake Christmas tree to bring on stage. Photobucket

As we were leaving to go home Payson spotted this tree and wouldn’t budge until I took a picture of him with it. Silly kid. (Brooklyn screamed at him for climbing it because students aren’t allowed to. And then he cried.) Photobucket

Me and her when we got home. Photobucket

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