Sierra’s New Bike!

There was a coloring contest held by Allan’s company last month. My kids all entered their drawings and we found out a week or two later that Sierra had won for her age group! The prize was a bike! We gathered the kids outside. Photobucket

We’d told the kids that Sierra was getting something. (we told them it was an early birthday present for her because we didn’t want them to know that Sierra had won the coloring contest and they hadn’t, but we did tell Sierra seperately that she’d won) Sierra wanted to close her eyes. She was so excited! Ember closed her eyes too! Photobucket

Allan rolled the bike out of the garage where it had been hidden this last week. Photobucket

We told Sierra to open her eyes and when she caught sight of her bike for the first time she was speechless. Photobucket

She was grinning and was really happy when we told her she could hop right on to tr it out! Photobucket

She’s been wanting a bike for a few years and we really wanted to get her one. It’s a huge blessing that she won this one 🙂 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

One thought on “Sierra’s New Bike!

  • That is so awesome for Sierra!! Macie won a bike this year at school. She had to color a food group plate and every kid who followed Instructions was entered into the drawing. She almost cried. We are still working in the no training wheels thing so she hasn't gotten to use it that much yet. Love the pic of the closing eyes. Priceless!! And a huge congrats to Sierra!!

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