McDonald’s and the Movies. Brave!

The girls had the day off of school and I thought it would be a nice day to go do something fun together.

Brave is at the cheaper theater here. $2 per person, I can afford that once every six months or so!

When I first saw the trailer I thought I’d hate it because Merida seemed to be a whiny brat of a child but then I heard from someone’s blog post (can’t remember who) that it was actually a good story about the mom and daughter having differences so I got excited! haha
I cried through certain parts of the movie! So did Brooklyn and Sierra! Oh my gosh it was SO good! Raising a daughter who is very, very, very different than I am, the movie had a powerful message about that and I really appreciated it. lol- from a child’s movie.

The girls had tooth fairy money and birthday money left and they wanted to go to McDonald’s for ice cream before the movie. So I bought all of them happy meals for lunch first. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember spotted this one year old little boy and decided they were best friends. She played with him the entire time. And he was giggling at her and loving it. So cute! Photobucket

We got to the theater and settled into our seats when I noticed Payson clutching his crotch with a death grip and squirming around like crazy. “Do you have to go pee Payson?” “NOO! I don’t have to pee!!” He squirms even more and he uses both hands to hold himself. *sigh* (he always lies about having to pee, no matter WHAT he’s doing and has accidents all the time because of it)
I grab my stuff and get up to take him potty. In the restroom while I’m helping him Ember is doing her usual routine of touching EVERY SINGLE SURFACE in the entire place! UGH, WHY?! So I help them both wash their hands and then they only have those stupid air hand dryers! I HATE those. I’m fine using them but my kids always leave with sopping wet hands AND I hate having to open the bathroom door with my hands and not with a paper towel. (Yes I know I’m an ultra germaphobe but I think in a nasty public bathroom I have every right to be! haha) Photobucket

After the movie! Happy, happy. Photobucket

But then the kids want quarters for games. I allow them each one game. The games are 50cents each and we’re on a tight budget. The $2 I coughed up (after $12 for McDonald’s and $16 for the movie and treats) was just too much for me. I shouldn’t have even spent any of the money I did, but… well. I did. Photobucket

So after all that fun all three of the older kids were WHINING and even CRYING about not having more money for games!!!!!! Can you believe that? I told them next time they had a day off of school we were staying home and doing chores. haha PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Brooklyn, as only Brooklyn can, held on to the injustice of the lack of additional money for quite some time. She’s relentlessy moody, that one. Photobucket

And Ember the entire time? A happy, happy little girl. Photobucket

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s and the Movies. Brave!

  • Is it terrible of me that my favorite pictures are the ones of Brooklyn crying? Because that is PEYTON all.the.time!! She has been crying at the drop of a hat lately and I keep telling myself “It's hormones…she can't really help it.” But really I think she could help it if she actually tried. She is almost worse right now than she was as a toddler…oh, raising girls is such a joy sometimes!!!
    I wish wish wish we lived near you guys. I want to take my kids to the movies and McDonalds with yours and let them all play together. Calvin has an interview with that school in Wyoming…so IF we did happen to move out there, we'd be closer for a potential get-together some day 🙂

  • My kids do that whenever the local fair/carnival thing goes through the area. We buy them a certain number of tickets each to go on rides and when they run out, we're done. My 4 year old son is okay with it and but my 5 year old daughter starts up with how unfair it is that she can't ride more. So I've had a chat with her about fair vs unfair and now that she understands she's lucky to get even go on ONE ride, she's chilled out a bit. All I have to do when she starts with the “it's not fair” routine is to say “shall we chat about what's unfair?” and she backs right off lol!

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