Silly Mountain

I’ve been obsessed with hiking lately! There are a lot of reasons why but the main two are because I like being outside so much and because it helps me lose weight and be healthy!

I have a hard time saying no to sweets when I’m bored at home all day but when I spend a few hours outside, everything changes for me. Everything.

I’ve lost five pounds in the last 8 days just by adding hiking into my life. I literally didn’t change a thing besides that and most definitely didn’t try to lose weight. Not because I don’t want to lose weight (because I want to!) but because I am just too tired to even think about trying to lose weight right now. I’m trying to only focus on being really healthy. Truly healthy, truly getting my body to a good place. I’ve never felt that way before! EVER! If I EVER tried to lose weight it was for ONE reason, to look better! haha

And for the first time in a long time I’m working really hard at being happy. I’m doing all the things “they” say to do and IT’S WORKING!!!! IT’S WORKING!!! I have struggled with depression this year and have wondered how the HECK to snap out of it on my own and things are finally clicking for me. I’ll blog about that sometime. For now, more about our little family hike…

Payson has caught the hiking “bug” and asks me every day if we can go climb a mountain. So cute! And I say, um YES! haha
We hadn’t been to Silly Mountain for a year or so and decided it was time to go back. The three older kids were in really good moods. Ember wasn’t feeling well and had been cranky all week and was cranky while hiking as well. You can’t win them all, all the time!
I wore Ember in the carrier and Allan decided to “work on” Payson during this hike. He wants Payson to be less whiny, mama’s boy and more motivated big boy! Before I go on I just have to say that Allan has been pretty much the best father EVER lately. The last three years he’s really stepped up his game and become such an inspiration to me with parenting! I can’t say enough good things about him. He raises our kids in a way that pushes them to be the best they can be while giving them positive reinforcement! I spoil my kids WAY too much and they walk all over me for it. He provides clear, consistent boundaries and expectations and follows through with exactly what he said AND gives them the BEST quality attention during their time together.
So because Payson tends to get whiny when something is difficult Allan started talking to Payson about how strong Payson is and how he knew that know that Payson is four years old he could make it to the top all by himself! (Last time Allan carried him in our hiking backpack)

And Payson responded to Allan with determination, pride, and endurance! He made it to the top (which we’d called the summit all along to encourage the kids because they love watching Mt. Everest shows on netflix! haha) and was SOOO proud of himself! And at the top we stayed quite a while just soaking up the views and each other and the victory each kid had experienced 🙂
I’m probably making it sound like some huge mountain! haha, it wasn’t. Just huge for a four year old, new hiker! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We had a LOT of popcorn in our pantry that we’re trying to use up so the kids each brought a single serving bag of popcorn! haha, totally odd hiking food, right?! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember fell asleep on the hike up… she was feeling cranky before that though. Not that she whined the whole time, only if we stopped to let Payson rest a couple minutes. She HATES being in the carrier if I’m not walking. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The girls and I got to the top first and while we waited for the boys we were all calling out encouraging things to Payson and telling him how awesome he was and stuff like that. Photobucket

He was beaming with pride. The fact that his older sisters (who are usually extremely mean to him) were proud of him and congratulating him meant a lot. Photobucket

Ember woke up from her nap in the carrier and was happy to be let down to roam. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I have a lot of pictures of everyone by this sign. They were all excited to pose by it. This next picture is my fave though. Allan helping Payson balance by it while Payson shows off his strong muscles that he needed to make it to the top! Photobucket

Sierra and Ember had some sweet sister time up there. These two are similar in personality. Photobucket


A drink before heading back. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I think Brooklyn had the best time up there. That girl needs to live in the wild. She flourishes outside. She is strong and able and adventurous and most of all, enjoys it so much! She, at any other time, is a nonstop whine fest (oh the attitude!) but when we’re outdoors all that pent up energy goes into physical effort. I love that! She loves that! PhotobucketPhotobucket

This was my cute view as we hiked back down. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This was the day before Brooklyn lost her tooth. Can you see it sticking out of her lips? Photobucket

At some point Sierra and Payson went on ahead together. They’re SUCH good buddies when Sierra is nice to him. Most of the time she follows Brooklyn’s lead and is mean to him but if Brooklyn ever isn’t around suddenly she is in love with Payson and the nicest sister in the world! And I love it when they’re like that!! (Brooklyn really doesn’t like Payson, it’s a huge issue in our home and I could definitely use some suggestions on the subject!) PhotobucketPhotobucket

This is where Ember decided she no longer liked being in the ergo and was done with the whole trip. haha Photobucket

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  • What a fun hiking experience, except when Ember decided she didn't like it haha
    I always drive by that mountain and always tell myself that one day I will hike it. haha
    Your photos are superb

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