Welcome Home Children!

Welcome, welcome back! Photobucket

It was so peaceful while you were gone. There were no riveting tales of woe. No whiny voices detailing every unjust thing that occured during the brutal 6 1/2 hours of school. Photobucket

Math assignment, you say? Oh dear. I’m so sorry. What a horrible, terrible life you lead. Photobucket

The bus driver moved you because you were talking too much? I agree, what a vicious man! Photobucket

You’re hot, you’re cold, you’re hungry, you have to pee, you don’t want your brother to talk, you aren’t buckled yet, you can’t buckle yourself, your backpack is too heavy, you don’t want the radio on, you want the radio on, you are hungry, you are hungry, you are HUNGRY?! Photobucket

Well I am just so glad you could come home and tell me all that! Photobucket

How about spending the rest of the evening telling me everything wrong about your life so that I can miss it all the more tomorrow morning when I drop you off at school and drive home in silence? Photobucket

Because everyone knows, silence is sadness. Photobucket
I love my kids. They sure are whiny after school though! And by they I mean Brooklyn 😉

I heard a quote that’s going around the web about listening to the small things when they’re small so that they’ll be willing to talk to you about the big things when they’re older. I repeat that quote in my head a thousand times every afternoon from 4-6pm as it’s a nonstop verbal waterfall from Brooklyn. 6pm doesn’t have her any quieter but by then at least most of the moodiness has worn off and she’s mostly interested in reading or playing with her sister. She’s a talker, always has been. I never wonder what she’s feeling.

One thought on “Welcome Home Children!

  • I could have written this about my kids. Dear heavens when they get in the car after school it is nonstop. Talking, whining and BEGGING for food. Plus fighting amongst themselves. Ugh sometimes I want to pull my hair out. Lol

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