The FUN Part about Raising Brooklyn

The great thing about having an intense child is that certain moments in life are so blown up with excitement. Her attitude towards holidays or outings or craft time even, is huge! She is EXCITED and everyone knows it. She gets a huge kick out of things like losing a tooth (and having the tooth fairy come), meeting Santa Claus, going fishing, going hiking, making cookies, reading together, and a lot of other things like that!

We sat down with her a couple of months ago and had a talk with her about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny and how she was going to be a part of the special mommy and daddy club who knew all the secrets about those magical parts of childhood.

Allan and I sat down before hand to talk about how we wanted to destroy our daughter’s belief in magic. haha. It was time… she was starting to ask really good questions, the type of questions that had us making up SUPER creative LIES. We aren’t the type of parents who think lying about holiday stuff is at all bad (quite the opposite!) but we could tell she was losing the belief and it would be much easier to just tell her the truth and bring her in the know and have her be a part in helping make the magic for the other kids.

We were really nervous that she’d tell the other kids the truth as well but she’s devoted to keeping the secret and the magic alive for the littler kids. It’s actually overwhelmingly sweet 🙂

So she knows the tooth fairy is really mom but she also knows (because I told her) that just because she knows the truth doesn’t mean mom will ever stop being Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy for her. I’m mom and will be those magical creatures until the day I die 🙂 Photobucket

So yeah, her tooth was loose and she was so excited about the Tooth Fairy coming. She has since lost her tooth (two nights ago) but I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of her new smile. I will try tomorrow. Photobucket

2 thoughts on “The FUN Part about Raising Brooklyn

  • Awww!! This post is so sweet I teared up a little bit. I never got to have that talk with my folks. Once I figured out what was up (by age 6 or 7 I could tell that Santa's handwriting looked a whole lot like my mom's…) that was that. What a sweet memory you have to share with Brooklyn. And how cute is it that she's so excited about helping you guys keep the magic alive for her siblings?! 🙂

  • It is cute and such a relief! She gives Allan and I looks when the littler kids mention things and the looks are SO cute. Like, I know what you know mom, huh?
    The hardest part of telling her the truth was, despite asking good questions and starting to have suspicions, she really did have SUCH an innocent, pure belief in all those things. It was hard for me to destroy it all. I worried that she'd be sad I told her and that the magic was gone but luckily the way we did it, the magic is still very much alive. She still gets a kick out of it all but also loves being a part of the adults' view and knowledge. Whew!
    I'm excited for you to experience it all with Henry!

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